Turkey Tips and Tricks!

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The Complete "How To' 
Compiled By Mikey Lulejian 
Atlanta, GA
December 18, 1999
I would like to personally Thank Wyndell "Fergy" Ferguson for his
untiring efforts to help make this large FAQ (Frequently Asked 
Questions) as accurate and complete as it is.  Without his help,
it would never have been as complete, nor as accurate, as we hope
this now is - for YOU.
This project started out early in the Summer of 1999, and 
originally was a much smaller document.  Thanks to many, many
respected Pitmasters, who continued to contribute valuable TIPS
and effective stories, it has now grown into this final version.  ALL
of us sincerely hope it makes for many improved and better-tasting
Turkeys (and chickens) for you and your Family.
NOTICE:  This article, as well as a General article specifically on
only Brining (Covering poultry and pork and other meats) can now
be read On Line at the Web Home of ALL BBQ'ers - The Porch.
We want to remind you, and others, that a wonderful article on
Smoking Turkeys, written by one of America's TOP Pitmasters, 
Danny Gaulden, is available in the BBQ FAQ's:
THE BBQ FAQ's also include articles on:
TURKEY BRINING @ http://www.bbq-porch.org/faq/10-5-4.asp
TURKEY FRYING @ http://www.bbq-porch.org/faq/10-5-5.asp 
The COMPLETE BBQ FAQ's may be either read on-line or downloaded at:


Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 1 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 2 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 3 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 4 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 5 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 6 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 7 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 8 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 9 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 10 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 11 ] Turkey Tips and Tricks! Chapter 12 ]

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