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Campbell's Bar-B-Q
8701 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, OR

Meat  4
Sides  3
Sauce  3.5
Service  5
Atmosphere  4.5

Overall  4

Reviewer's Comments:  I was in Protland doing some work and the guys in the office said there was a good Q joint in town. Naturally, I had to review it for the BBQ Joint Review. Being form Texas, I felt more than qualified to determine if it really was good Q.  When you get there, there's a pile of real wood and a cookshack on the side. What kind of wood it was I don't know, as I am totally unfamiliar with the Northwest, except for the fine microbrews. ;^)  The place appears to be a refurbished house. The atmosphere is referred to on the menu by a food reviewer as  "soul funk," well whatever it was, it was homey.  It is said to be Texas style Q, so I knew I was in the know about this stuff.  I looked over the menu and decided the only way to make a fair review was to get the sampler platter for $16. It had one beef and one pork rib, beef brisket, pork loin, and sausage links on it. I ordered with pinto beans, cornbread and chose hot sauce. The menu is correct, they look at you funny and question your decision of the hot sauce.  I should've asked for the sauce on the side to get a better taste of the meat. The ribs were good, I got a bib that says "I Love Ribs" with them. The brisket was very good and the pork was as well. The sauce wasn't blazing hot, like I'm used to, but it had a bite. It was a tomato based sauce with cayenne and crushed red pepper as well as something unidentifed for zing.  The pinto beans were good, with pieces of brisket in them, and the cornbread was excellent!  I think these folks know what they are doing, and they are right friendly. Portland has good Q right there at Campbells, and the next time I'm in town, I will visit again. By the way, I had more than enough leftover for dinner as well.

Reviewed By:  Dave Clark ( dclark@bga.com ) on 1/21/98.

The Road House
Medford, Or

Meat  5
Sides  5
Sauce  5
Service  5
Atmosphere  5

Overall  5

Reviewer's Comments:  The road house has incredible baby back ribs. Sauce is ht and just the right sweetness. The atmosphre is wonderful and the service is the best - very friendly and on their toes.
They serve garlic mashed potatoes or the biggest sweet potatoes you've ever seen. The house salad is huge and their Caesar salad (both available with your meal) has the option of anchovies or not. And they give you a lot of anchovies it you want them! Soda is refilled for free. When you enter the restaurant you are immediately given a free bucket of peanuts to munch and throwing the shells on the floor is encouraged! The place just feels good.
They also serve Texas rose which is a huge deep fried onion and another (my favorite) is Texas egg rolls- crunch hot, spicy egg roll wrap filled with cheese and jalapeno peppers. The house rolls are fresh,  hot and sweet - excellent!
We love this place so much we told our daughter to buy stock in the company. I think they had two or three places in Oregon now, but I expect to see them spreading out more and more. They deserve any success they get!

Reviewed By:  June Perry ( gurushakti@aol.com ) on 3-16-98.

Name: BackPorch BBQ
Address: 605 North Fifth
City: Jacksonville
State: OR
Phone: (541) 899-8821
Meat: 5
Sauce: 5
Sides: 5
Service: 5
Atmosphere: 5
Overall: 5
Date: July 12, 2000
User: Mike Rench
Email: mrnch@cs.com
Date: 7/13/00
Time: 12:52:01 AM


I drove to San Francisco this week for a business trip, so I determined to check out the BBQ Joint in Medford on the way back that is one of two BBQ restaurants reviewed in Oregon. I had forgotten the name of the place, so when I asked for directions from several locals I was directed to the Outback Steakhouse and The Roadhouse Grill. Being a native Texan and a snob about BBQ, I insisted these were steakhouses and not BBQ Joints. I got hold of the Yellow Pages and found BackPorch BBQ advertised as "Authentic Texas BBQ." I told the waitress that I was interested to test their stuff and that I was very particular about my BBQ. I ordered the Longhorn Combo which allows any 3 meats. I got the Brisket, Pork Tenderloin and the Pork Ribs. I gotta say, great stuff. Sauce was not too sweet. The Meat was genuinely smoke-flavored. Potato salad was just right. The baked beans were a little spicy with Jalapeno, just like I like them. The helpings were generous. The waitress was truly friendly and quick to serve. She made sure that I met BT the cook/owner and viewed the very large smoker. The restaurant was like a trip back in time. It contained quite a bit of cowboy memorabilia. Jacksonville is a little bit off of Interstate 5, but the short drive is well worth it. Please, can someone tell me what "Texas Eggrolls" are?

Name: Lambs Thriftway
Address: 8255 S.W. Wilsonville Rd.
City: Wilsonville
State: Or
Phone: 503-682-0653
Meat: 5
Sauce: 5
Sides: 3
Service: 4.5
Atmosphere: 4
Overall: 5
Date: 03-20-02
User: Bonnie Herrera
Email: whacella@hotmail.com
Date: 3/23/2002
Time: 11:25:15 PM


the Best tri-tip in the world! the sauce can't be beat! you almost want to just drink the sauce by it self. if your in the Wilsonville area near Portland, Oregon you must stop in at Lambs Thriftway and have there barbeque! it's Dam good!


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