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The Rib Spot
Dayton, OH

Meat 4.5
Sides 3
Sauce 4
Service 5
Atmosphere 5

Overall 4.5

Reviewer's Comments: With a CookShack smoker on site, John really goes the extra
mile to not only make you feel at home, but to make sure you
have a really good meal too.

Reviewed by: Vince Vielhaber ( vev-web@michvhf.com ) on 05-27-98.

Jacob's Field
Cleveland, OH

Meat: 2
Sides: 4.5
Sauce: 2.5
Service: 4.5
Atmosphere: 5

Overall: 2.5

Reviewer's Comments:  That's right, a review of BBQ at a baseball game. Normally I wouldnt have even considered eating this, but it's been awhile and my low-q light was flashing! The ribs were normal for this area, boiled then put in the oven with sauce. The ones I had had been sitting for awhile and were kinda tough. The sauce was so-so, like catsup with some Heinz 57 added. The cole slaw was real good, and the fries were outstanding! Shoot, I couldnt even finish the plate! All this and a large soda for $10! Cheaper than Montgomery Inn, the sauce wasnt as good but the sides and atmosphere were alot better! By the way... Detroit 3 Clevand 2!

Reviewed by: Wyndell "Fergy" Ferguson ( circlef@zebra.net ) 7/23/98.

Montgomery Inn
9440 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH
(xxx) 791-3482

Meat: 2
Sides: 2.5
Sauce: 4
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3

Overall: 2.5

Reviewer's Comments:  If you like great smoked ribs, go somewhere else. These ribs are boiled then grilled. They were very tender, but the only real flavor came from the sauce. Which was very good! I normaly dont like sweet sauce, but this one is good! The sides were a salad with Blue Cheese dressing (good, but tough to mess up) and thier Saratoga Chips. These are homemade potato chips, not bad, but not great. The iced tea was good and so was the service. I should warn you: this aint your normal Q Joint. This is an upscale (read YUPPIE)restaurant, not a BBQ Joint. The price for ribs (order not slab) that came with chips and salad and a glass of tea was $15! Too pricy, too yuppie, and not enough BBQ... The saving graces are the decor (lots of sports memorobilia) and the sauce. Try Burbanks if your in the area and let me know, I hear it's real q!

Reviewed by:
Wyndell "Fergy" Ferguson ( circlef@zebra.net ) 7/20/98.

4139 Colonel Glenn Hwy
Dayton, OH

Meat: 4.5
Sauce: 4
Sides: 4
Service: 4.5
Atmosphere: 4.5

Overall: 4.5

Reviewer's Comments:  Well I could not resist... I went to Dayton to check this place out.... I am glad I did ! ! Here is the web site http://www.burbanks.com Well myself and a friend of mine from Lancaster got there about 5 or so... easy to find once we new where we were at.....We had the combo plate of two meats and two sides plus cornbread and slaw. The ribs where pure bacon on a stick... moist and tender and come basted in there own sauce... not a heavy thick sauce but just enough to keep the ribs moist and tender... the sauce did not take away from the nice flavor of the ribs.....The pulled pork was indeed a nice pulled pork had some smoke flavor to it and was moist, did not need any sauce at all. The Brisket was also very good, It had a small smoke ring and was not dry at all. again did not need any sauce .... Now for the sauce.... they serve three dipping sauces that are served to your table warmed.... one is a Carolina red pepper sauce and the next is a mustard base sauce and the third is a sweet bbq sauce of catsup base and brown sugar, all three are very good...... Now they also have a 911 screamer sauce...Well it is pretty good, and it is not so darn hot that you can't enjoy it though.... I tried it on some brisket and it is great stuff.... I think it would be best in a chile, heck it would be good on just about any meat dish.... very bold taste and thick..... not for the weak at heart though.. Now for something really different, Chicken Fried Ribs..... yes that is right..... What they do is take there already good ribs and separate them and coat them in a flour base coating and deep fry them for a bit..... Well I have to admit,,,, them things were pretty good, the smoke flavor still came through and the meat pulled clean off the bone. I would try them again...... Now for the Cornbread..... Well it was that sweet yankee Cornbread.. almost tasted like honey sweet.... very good and was not dry very moist...... The cole slaw was coarse cut slaw and very good also..... Other sides where Green's ,Garlic potatoes, Sweet potato casserole, Baked garlic cheese grits, BBQ Beans, Applesauce, and fresh veggies. I can say that Burbanks is a great place to meet, the menu is diversed enough that even someone who does not like BBQ could find something to fill up on...... The General Manager"Jennifer" came over and spent some time with us and told us about the place and that they use an Ole Hickory smoker, This is a gas fired smoker with wood... Jennifer is looking forward to meeting more people on the list and may even sign up on the list to learn even more about the Big World of BBQ out side of this area.....

Well I am sold on this place and it is not that far from home base...... Check out the Web Site, I believe there are four places in the Dayton Cinn. area. an by the way the Iced Tea is Un-Sweeten... I like it that way.......I believe that for a BBQ Restaurant That has to serve the general public This place will be around for some time..... They try for a middle of the road on Smoke Flavor that most Non BBQ People would like and can stand.... I know that most on the lists like a lot of smoke more than the average person on the street...... But with a place like Burbanks I feel they will give the general public a taste of what real Q is supose to be and just maybe, just maybe that person will want to learn how to fix it at home.... I guess that is how it all starts...... Just like Adam taking that first bite of the apple..... "Now that was good, I got to have me some more of that " Well next thing you know they will be buying a smoke for the home and next and Brick Pit and then an offset smoker and them mabe a mobile unit..... is there never an end.........

Well I guess, I am in favor and Flavor of meeting at Burbanks in Jan. 1999.... Bring ice melt and snow shovels..... we'll make it to the door some how ! ! ! Looking for a great turn out in the land of Snow Shovels and Ice....

Reviewed by:  David Amos (amosdr@computech-online.net) on 12/19/98


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