New Jersey

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The Mason Jar
Route 202
Mahwah, NJ
Don't know

Meat 3.5
Sides 3
Sauce 1
Service 4.5
Atmosphere 3.5

Overall 3.5

Reviewer's Comments: This is a place that serves everything from pizza to brisket. I had a pulled pork sandwich which had a nice,tasty smokey flavor. The meat was on the moist side, certainly not dry served on a decent roll. It was a large sandwich which came with slaw and bean for $9. I had a nice draft beer with the sandwich--Foster's.

I rated the pork a bit better than average but one could easily have rated it a little higher--just don't use the sauce!

The people were very friendly. The owner of the place showed me around. He was clearly proud of the pit, a Southern Pride that used gas and hickory logs. The meat are cooked @220 for a long time. When the meat is finished, it is wrapped in Saran Wrap and stored in the fridge until ready to be served when it is heated very slowly. The owner told me that Paul Kirk was his expert advisor for the entire bbq set-up. It is worth a stop and I will return.

Reviewed By: Peter Palmieri ( ) on 4/27/98.

Memphis Pig Out
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Meat: 4
Sauce: 3.5
Sides: 4.5
Service: 4
Atmospere: 4.5

Overall: 4

Reviewer's Comments:  This establishment is located in what used to be an old saloon, and many of the old fixtures such as the bar, tin ceiling and beveled mirrors have been retained. The decor is everything pigs, including sculptures, posters and a large wild boars head over the salad bar.

Their specialty is pork ribs (spares and babybacks) but they also do pork shoulder, sliced grilled pork chops, chicken, steaks and catfish. They have grilled shrimp and buffalo wings as appetizers. The ribs are done with a dry rub and served with sauce on the side. The pulled pork has a nice smokey flavor with bits of brown mixed in. 2 sauces are served, the main one being a memphis style molassas based sauce. Another that can be requested consists of vinegar that has been steeping inside old catsup bottles stuffed with red chile peppers.

Sides of turnip greens or baked beans are offered (The greens are great drizzled with the chile vinegar!). There is a salad bar that is stocked with a wide variety of cold sides including marinated black eye peas, succotash with a cumin dressing, sweet & sour sauerkraut and many other interesting salads obviously made from personal recipes. They also serve an excellent warm applesauce flavored with a touch of butter and bourbon.

Reviewed by: =Mark ( ) on 19 Jan 1999

Atlantic BBQ
805 Belmar Plaza
Belmar, NJ

Meat: 5
Sauce: 5
Sides: 3
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 1.5

Overall: 4

Reviewer's Comments:  Oklahoma style dry/rub hickory smoiked 'Q'/  They've got shredded, babies spares, chickens, chilis, burgers, dogs, homemade potato salad w/eggs & pickles and on and on...Everything blows you away!  Sauce is homemade too!

Reviewed By:  JOEY G. (GOTBBQ@AOL.COM) on 4/10/99.

Name: Texas Ranch House
Address: 19 W. Main St.
City: Somerville
State: NJ
Phone: 908-252-1733
Meat: 5
Sauce: 4
Sides: 5
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4.5
Overall: 4.5
Date: 12/16/00
User: Brandon Gambee
Date: 12/18/2000
Time: 9:23:41 AM


Killer authentic Texas Barbeque in N.J. Mesquite smoked brisket, pork, and chicken with all the fixins. A must!

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