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Jake's Boss BBQ
Washington St.
Jamaica Plain (Boston), MA

Meat  4
Sides  3.5
Sauce  3.5
Service  4
Atmosphere  2

Overall  4

Reviewer's Comments: This is purely takeout, but it's brand new and clean. I think there's 3 tables. The meat is terrific, especially the brisket. Sauces are good, but not nearly as good as what we make at home. Sides are OK, but nothing special.  The cowboy beans are very good... pieces of burnt ends in them.  Forget the corn bread... even tho it comes free.
Prices are not cheap... 2 can eat for about $20.
The owner, Jake, is the nicest fella you ever met... and he has a very good reputation for authentic Q. 

Reviewed By:  Jeff Lipsitt - The Boston Butt  ( ) on July 1997.

BB Wolf
109 Brookline Ave
Boston, MA

Meat: 2.5
Sides: 3.5
Sauce: 2.5
Service: 3.5
Atmosphere: 3.5

Overall: 2.5

Comments: On a recent trip to Boston, I was invited to attend a meeting of the New England BBQ Society. The meeting was being held at BB Wolf. I got to meet some great people and had a wonderful time. The management of BB Wolf had made some arrangements with the NEBS to give us a good price for ALL YOU CAN EAT so that we could get a good sampling from their menu. We had chicken, sausage, beef ribs, pork ribs, pork chops, brisket, corn bread and cole slaw. The chicken was real good, good smoke and flavor. The sausage had a different taste than I am used to, but was good. The beef ribs, I thought, were the best Q presented, tender, juicy and good flavor. The pork ribs I had were tough, and the sauce over powered the meat. The pork chop I had was so tough that I had trouble cutting it, but others said theirs was very tender. The brisket had a good smoke ring, but tasted as if it had been held in either sauce or water for too long. It tasted "watered down". The corn bread was of the sweet variety and had a brown streak running through it. It took me awhile to determine what that streak was, but alas, I think it was drippings from the pit and some corn kernels mixed in. It was good hot, but lost some of the goodness when cold. The cole slaw was a marinated style. After a few bites I realy started to like it! Anyone have a recipe? After we ate, we were given a tour of the kitchen. They have a J&R pit, not the revolving type, but one with slide in racks. There is also an electric heating element in the top to help maintain the temp. I understood that they had just recently opened. I would go back if I was in town to see if ordering off the menu made a difference.

Reviewed by: Wyndell Ferguson ( ) 09/14/98.

Somerville, MA

Meat 4.5
Sides 4.0
Sauce 4.0.
Service 4.0
Atmosphere 3.0

Overall 4

Comments:  The first time I ate at Redbones, I knew they had found a customer for life. Their smoke is a teriffic advertisement. You are liable to begin salivating as you walk from the nearby city parking lot Their decorator has done a good job in recreating the look of an old time Southern Que establishment. While they have a full bar they feature a wide variety of beers. The lemonade is correctly mixed to prevent acid indigestion and served in large mason jars with a straw. They have ice tea too. If you arrive there for lunch and ask for a combo, you will get a pile of oink and cluck that it would be hard for two people to finish for only $7. Also included on the plate are beans and a marinated coleslaw. It seems like the barbeque is left overs from the night before, which makes the ribs all the better. I have found that the chicken tends to be a bit dry, but tasty. They offer several sauces. I like the sweet mollasses based one. It is mild.  If you want to get special treatment sit at the opening of the kitchen. The cooks will pass small hot "FREE" dishes to you that you didn't order as an educational experience for your palette. I had the barbecued hash the last time I was there. I never have had room for dessert, but they have several that look worth indulging in. Service is always excellent. They now take plastic in lieu of greenbacks.

Reviewed by:  Steven Douglass [] October 30, 1998

BB Wolf's
109 Brookline Avenue
Boston, MA

Meat: 4
Sides: 3
Sauce: 4
Service: 1
Atmosphere: 3.5

Overall: 3.5

Comments: This place is just a few blocks away from Fenway Park. I was in the area around Noon (weekday) so I dropped in. Not a soul around except for a young guy at the register who hadn't a clue what he was doin' there! Think it was his first day.

During the day, it's Take-Out only I was told, so I ordered a brisket sandwich. Since he didn't know how the computerized cash register worked (automatically sends the order to the kitchen), he told me he couldn't place my order! I suggested that maybe he could walk into the kitchen and SPEAK to the chef! Anyway, after 30 minutes, I was on my way.

When I opened the box, I couldn't believe how much meat was there... had to be 2 lbs. of fall-apart brisket on top of 2 thick slices of Texas toast. This was not a sandwich one could pick up and eat. At $5.95 it was a true bargain.

The meat was pretty good, but not a whole lot of smoke flavor. I ordered their hottest sauce, which wasn't too bad, but the fries that were heaped on top of everything were very ordinary.

The decor is geared to the college crowd, and folks visiting Fenway... it's like a 'sports' bar/restaurant with TV's everywhere.

I'll have to visit the place during 'normal' dining hours to more accurately review this place. My overall impression on this visit is FAIR. But a whole lot better than most other lunch options!

Reviewed By: Jeff Lipsitt ( on 10/12/98

297 Nantasket Av
Hull, MA

Meat: 5
Sauce: 5
Sides: 4
Service: 4
Atmosphere: 4.5

Overall: 4.5

Reviewer's Comments:  The Best Ribs I have ever eaten, bar none, I mean they come right off the bone no forks, no knife, just big juicy meaty ribs that make you want to order another rack to take home and eat later, the portions are very big and the prices are very reasonable, the Chef Andy Gilmartin will come out and see how you like everything. Rumor has it that there will be a pig roast there on Sept 18th so I'm definately going back for that. Food was awesome, not only does he have great BBQ foods but he also has Italian Cuisine and will make you up anything to order from Steak to Chicken to seafood, one word describes this food. AWESOME!!!

Reviewed By: Robert Chancholo ( ) on 08-04-99.

Name: Memphis Roadhouse
City: No.Attleboro
State: Ma
Meat: 1
Sauce: 1
Sides: 1
Service: 1.5
Atmosphere: 1.5
Overall: 1
Date: August,2001
User: Carol & Danny
Date: 11/18/2001
Time: 2:55:53 AM


We have had Bar-B-Que all over the USA and this place has to be the worst. I don't know how hey keep open,everything sucks,and other people tell us the same thing. They should go to Central Florida and have real good Bar-B-Que or Jacksonville,Fl or some other souther state except maybe Tenn.


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