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Bear's Smoked Salmon


1 cup brown sugar
1 cup salt
1/4 cup lemon pepper
1 large whole salmon; cut into steaks

Mix all the dry items for rub. Lay out a piece of plastic wrap long enough to wrap both filets well. Lay a filet scales down 5 inches up from the bottom of the wrap (lengthwise so the ends are left open). Pack all the "rub" on top of the filet. Lay the other side face down into the "rubbed" fish". You should now have the semblance of a sugar stuffed fishy. Flip the bottom of the wrap up over the top of the fish and wrap it tightly (leaving the ends open). Put on a cookie rack (or some such) in a baking dish and in the refrigerator. Let sit for 24 hours. Brown water will roll out of the ends that you left open. Remove from wrap and scrape off excess rub. Let stand and air dry for 3 hours. Smoke at 160F for 2-4 hours (when it starts to flake apart with a fork, it's done). I like to use cherry wood this. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yield: 1 serving

Preparation Time: 0:00

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