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Dan Gill's Pickled Pork Brine



Pickle is a generic term for brine and/or vinegar solutions used to preserve meat and vegetables. There is no standard recipe for curing meats with dry cures or brines as every region (and family) had their own way of formulating their cures. Some just used salt, others added pepper and spices, most added sugar of some kind to moderate the saltiness and keep the meat soft and many used saltpeter or Prague powders to facilitate the cure, combat botulism and turn the meat pink. I use salt, pepper, molasses, red pepper, and paprika with pork. The easy way to pickle is to get some Morton's sugar cure or Tender-Quick and mix with water according to the instructions. These formulations contain salt, dextrose and nitrate cure in the proper proportions. You will need a ceramic or food grade plastic container and sufficient room in your refrigerator (unless it is winter where you are). To make your own, mix up a salt brine that will float an egg (generally around 1.5 cups salt per gallon of water). Use plain salt - not iodized table salt. Add about 1/4 as much sugar (brown, white, molasses, corn syrup etc.) as salt. About 1/2 as much ground black pepper as sugar and some red pepper and paprika as you wish. I don't use nitrates in most of my cures but it is recommended. You can buy saltpeter at a drug store or Prague powder from a sausage makers supply house. Leave bacon and side meat in cure about 2 days per pound or 2-3 weeks overhauling (moving the pieces around) every few days. For more information, see my curing and smokehouse page: Posted to the BBQ List on June 7, 1998 by Dan Gill - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yield: 1 serving

Preparation Time: 0:00

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