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The Best Macaroni & Cheese


Toasted Bread Crumbs
1 cup fresh bread crumbs
1 pinch salt
1 1/2 tablespoons butter melted
***Macaroni & Cheese***
1/2 pound elbow macaroni
4 tablespoons butter
2 eggs large
12 ounces evaporated milk heated to warm
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce; (I like Tabasco)
ground black pepper
1 teaspoon dry mustard dissolve in 1 t water
3 cups mild cheddar or American or Jack

1. Heat oven to 350F and set a 1 1/2 qt heat proof dish in the oven to warm. 2. Bread Crumbs: Mix ingredients together in small baking pan, set aside. 3. Macaroni: Boil 2 qt water in large pan. add 1 1/2 t salt and macaroni; cook to al dente (NOT soft). Drain, transfer to preheated dish, stir in butter to melt. 4. Meanwhile, mix eggs, 1C evaporated milk, pepper sauce, 1/2 t salt (1/4 t if using salty cheese like Velveeta or American), 1/4 t pepper and mustard mix in small bowl. 5. Pour egg mix over noodles, add 3/4 of cheese, stir until thoroughly combined and cheese starts to melt. 6. Place bread crumbs in oven to toast until golden brown, 10-15 min. Remove from oven and set aside. Place pan of macaroni in oven at same time - bake for 5 min, remove from oven and stir thoroughly to mix, adding a little additional milk and cheese. Return to oven and cook 5 min longer, then remove and stir thoroughly so all cooks evenly, adding additional milk and cheese if mixture does not look moist and creamy. Return to oven for a TOTAL of 20 minutes cooking time, removing once to stir in remaining milk and cheese. Serve immediately, sprinkled with bread crumbs. DON'T try to make the finished product warmer by leaving it in the oven for more than 20 minutes: you risk curdling the eggs and creating a grainy texture. Stovetop Method 1. Follow steps 3 and 4 above, but put macaroni in pot when done. 2. Over medium heat, add egg mix and 3/4 of cheese, stirring constantly until cheese starts to melt. Gradually stir in remaining milk and cheese; continue to stir constantly until sauce thickens and mix is hot and creamy - about 5 minutes. Serve immediately. Mastercook Formatted By Kurt Lucas Submitted to the BBQ Mailing List by on Jan 21, 1999, converted by MC_Buster. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yield: 1 serving

Preparation Time: 0:00

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