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Roasted Vegetables


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Roasted Vegetables Long-Cook Group (35 minutes) Potatoes Onions Carrots Beets Turnips Sweet Potatoes ------- Medium-Cook Group (20 minutes) Brussels Sprouts Fennel Bulbs (cut in half or quartered) Garlic (whole cloves, peeled) Leeks Whole Okra Whole Pearl Onions Peppers (hot and/or sweet, quartered) Summer Squash and Zucchini (in sections) ------- Short-Cook Group (5 minutes) Cabbage (cut in wedges) Mushroom caps ------- Peel the tough skinned vegetables and cut large ones into about 2 inch wedges. Select the vegetables you want from each group; have them grouped and ready by cooking times. Preheat your oven to 475F. Put about 4 tablespoons of olive oil in a shallow roasting pan. Add your long cook vegetables, toss to coat with oil, and sprinkle them with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper. Roast for 15 minutes, tossing once or twice in order to sear all sides. Now add your medium cook vegetables, tossing to coat with oil, and sprinkle them with the same sauces you used before. Continue roasting for another 15 minutes. Finally, add your short cook vegetables. Sprinkle with one tablespoon of herbed vinegar, a few dashes of Tabasco sauce, and add a few leaves of thyme if desired (or fresh basil is good, too). Roast all vegetables for another 5 minutes, remove from oven, and serve. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yield: 1 serving

Preparation Time: 0:00

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