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Big Jim Lazy Q's

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Bill Martin
Island Styles
Bill Wight
Bill's Food and Recipe Site
Dan Gill
BBQ Survival Page  
Curing and Smoking
Danny Gaulden
Danny's BBQ
Dave Clark
Dave Clark's Homepage
David Klose
BBQ Pits by Klose
David Spriggs
New Books Cheap
Doug Care
Doug Care Equipment
Ed Pawlowski
Ed's Cooking & Barbecue
Garry Howard
Garry's BBQ Pit
Glen Hosey
Recipe Buster Page
Jim Beauchamp
Smokin Jim's Web Site
Judge Dave
The BBQ Judge's Chambers
Karl Moser
Karls Eatery
Kit Anderson
Greetings From Northeast Texas!
Kurt Lucas
Kurt's Backyard Bar-B-Que
Desperado's BBQ & Rib Co.
Mark Stevens
Mark's ReMarkable Website!
The New England Barbecue Society
Randy Dewberry
STUMP Barbecue Pits
Rick Thead
Rick's BBQ Page
Rocky Hurley
Rocky's BBQ Page
Scott McDaniel
Smoke Shack Competition Barbecue Team
Tim Champness
Champs BBQ
Tom Pirtle
Tom Pirtle's Home Page
Vince Vielhaber
Let's Q!
William Maurer
MacGuys Home Page
William Stadler
Bill Stadler
Wyndell Ferguson
Circle F Ranch BBQ


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