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A frequent question on the 'net is: "Are there any mail lists about BBQ on the Internet?"  Yes, there are several!  Click on the list name to learn more about it.

Smoke Ring BBQ List (The Porch)

Lineback list (down?)

There are also several 'specialized lists' that are for a particular BBQ Association, competitors, sausage, or group.  There is also a pretty active USENET newsgroup.  Check the free mail list hosting sites such as and . Use your favorite search engine to find these lists/newsgroups.

So, who are these fans of BBQ?  See the Rogue Gallery!  If you recognize any of these rogues from "America's Most Wanted" please let me know!

The Computer Corner contains tips for using mail lists and how to configure several popular mail programs so they wont send HTML and Rich Text to the lists (and why you shouldn't).


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Saturday, January 25, 2003
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