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10.7 Duck


[Can someone tell me how to smoke a duck?]

Richard Schwaninger--

I prefer smoked duck over smoked chicken. I've done many a duck on the ECB. I do them like I do chickens, brined and then smoked.



I have done duck brined and also brushed with San-J Szechwan Sauce. Slow smoked them for 4-6 hours. The fat renders and the skin gets crispy. Yesterday I smoked some duck breasts that I just salt and peppered and put them skin side up at 240F. After 3 hours I made a glaze like this: toss into a food processor a big peeled knob of fresh ginger, some soy sauce, three or four garlic cloves, a half cup of plum jelly, and about a dozen whole black peppercorns. Whirl it until you don't hear the peppercorns anymore. I brushed the breasts with the glaze and put them skin side down. Kept glazing and turning for another hour. They turned out great. [Editor--they should be done when the thickest part of the breast reaches an internal temperature 160F.]

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