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10.5.1 Breasts


[Can I successfully smoke a turkey breast in my smoker?]

Danny Gaulden--

Try this next time you do a turkey breast. Before you rub or season the breast, rub it all over with soft butter, shortening, etc. Then apply your favorite rub, and place it in the smoker. Two or three times while the turkey is smoking, brush on more butter. When the meat reaches 165F internal temperature, take it off, wrap it up, and that's it. Promise it will turn out right.


[Do your smoked turkey breasts have the skin on them?]

Danny Gaulden--

No, they are skinless, boneless, turkey breasts. However, sometimes I get "skin on" boneless turkey breast, and they barbecue great also. I smoke them at about 220-230F, and take them off at 160F. After they start to cook a little, brush a little lard, or butter on them two or three times during the cooking process, and it will help give them that golden color. Caution, don't overcook them. They can dry out fast.



Remember, smoked white turkey meat will take on a pink color from the smoke, so don't worry--if it's at temperature, it's done, even if it's pink.

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