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10.3.2 Leg quarters


[How about a method for smoking chicken leg quarters?]

Randy Dewberry--

Fired up the old SWOCS and did some chicken leg quarters. Used about 3 good hickory chunks in the flowerpot (used to contain the wood chunks that produces the smoke) and had smoke before I reached 175F. Marinated the chicken in Balsamic vinegar for 1 hour, then put some of the chicken rub on it from "Smoke and Spice". Smoked the quarters for 2 hours at 210F (next time I am going to try 250F for chicken). Then finished on my gas grill for 15 minutes (shooting for 10 min) just to finish the chicken, wet basting with my sauce. They were as nice a looking barbecue chicken as I have ever seen and these were skinless. Juicy-tender and oh so smoky.

Fellow SWOCer's, if you haven't tried your SWOCS as a short term smoker and then finish the meat off on the grill, try it. I promise you won't regret it. I used Rick's method of mixing 2 parts honey to 8 parts barbecue sauce for the final grilling. Make sure the honey is as light in color as possible for best flavor, like orange blossom honey. A stronger darker honey will overpower the chicken. Use any barbecue sauce of your choice. The honey gives it some real sticking power and makes a nice glaze.

(Editor--this technique will work with any smoker, water bullet, off-set firebox--not just a SWOCS.)

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