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10.1  Pork


[Should I pay extra for a better cut of meat for barbecuing, like choice or prime?]

Harry Jiles--

The whole point of true barbecue, as per the definition which is generally accepted and discussed on this List, is to take those lower-priced cuts, which are less desired by the general public, and cook them low and slow, in the presence of smoke, and turn them into a tender, delicious and desirable meal. Anyone can buy a good cut of meat and make an excellent meal out of it, unless they screw it up, usually by overcooking it. It takes much more skill, and I believe it gives one much more personal satisfaction, to take a tough, fatty cut of meat like a brisket, and cook it until it is fork tender but still juicy and bursting with flavor.


[How do I keep the meat from sticking to my smoker grill?]

Wyndell Ferguson--

Give the grill a good spraying with Pam or other cooking spray. That'll keep the meat from sticking.



In this section, I have included several methods from different barbecuers for each major type of barbecue meat to show that there is more than one way to get good barbecue.

10.1.1. Ribs
10.1.2. Shoulders, picnics and butts
10.1.3. Whole ham
10.1.4. Pork chops and pork loins
10.1.5. The Whole hog
10.1.6. Bacon
10.1.7. Sausages
10.1.8. Hot dogs

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