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8.6 How much does lump charcoal and smoking wood cost?


[How much does lump charcoal cost?]

Editor--A summary of several posts--

List members report lump charcoal prices in bags of 20 pounds to be between $6 and $10 per bag (in early 1998). In 40 pound bags it can be a little cheaper per pound, running $10 to $18 per bag. the larger to package size, the cheaper per pound. Shop around as prices in a single city can vary 50-80%.


[How much does smoking wood cost?]

Prices for smoking hardwoods will vary with your location. Prices are as of early 1998 include delivery and splitting. Where there is lots of hardwood, like in parts of the south, hickory can cost you as little as $75 a cord. In Carlsbad NM, you can buy a cord of pecan for $110. In the hill country of Texas, you can get a cord of oak for $80. In Southern California, where hardwoods are scarce, a cord of oak or mesquite costs $400, a cord of almond about $280. In Virginia, a mixed cord of hickory and oak runs $135. In central Illinois, a cord of mostly oak with some hickory and maple mixed in runs $90-100. In western Connecticut, a cord of oak with a little hickory and maple thrown in will cost you about $90. In Southern Oregon, a cord of oak runs $120, pear wood about $150.

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