BBQ FAQ Section 8.3


8.3 Green or seasoned?

Rodney Leist--

This seems to be like a religious debate. Many excellent barbecuers and restaurants advocate one or the other. Some say green wood tends to produce a bitter creosote taste due to saps in the wood, while others say the saps produce the best flavor.


Dave Klose--

You can use some woods green for smoking, but under no circumstances should you use green mesquite for smoking. It will produce a bitter taste in the pit for years that cannot be sandblasted out. People have used this before because they saw someone in a restaurant using it. That was grilling with it, not smoking.



We recommend that the beginning barbecuer use only seasoned wood until he or she gets some experience in smoking with a wood-burning smoker. Using green wood without knowing what you are doing is a quick way to ruin barbecue.

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