BBQ FAQ Section 7


7. Tell me about using smokers
7.1 Most common mistakes made by beginners
7.2 Smoker modifications
7.2.1 Modifying charcoal-burning bullet water-type smokers
7.2.2 Modifying the Hondo/NBBD or SnP Pro smokers
7.3 Smoker maintenance
7.4 Smoker temperature control
7.5 Smoker fire control
7.6 Pre-heating wood
7.7 Pre-burning wood
7.8 Using chips and chunks for smoke
7.9 Wood vs. charcoal
7.10 Briquettes vs. lump charcoal
7.11 Gas-fired smokers
7.12 Electrically-heated smokers
7.13 Grills -- charcoal and LP gas

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