BBQ FAQ Section 7.6


7.6 Pre-heating wood


[I hear some people pre-heat their wood before they burn it. Why do they do this?]

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Many List members like to pre-heat their wood before the logs go into the firebox. They do this to get the wood closer to its ignition point. This way, the log catches fire quicker. The log is not cold and therefore does not cool down the fire when the log is added. This practice keeps a cleaner-burning fire going with less chance of creosote forming. To pre-heat your logs, set them on top of the firebox. Make a row of them and take the one off the end closest to the firebox door to use next. Move the other logs forward and put a cold log at the back end of the line of warming logs. Some List members like to put the logs to be pre-heated directly into the firebox, but next to the outside wall of the firebox. This way, the logs get pre-heated but don't actually catch on fire until they are moved onto the coals in the middle of the firebox. This technique only works with smokers with bigger fireboxes (like with a Klose or Oklahoma Joe's unit). In a NBBD or SnP Pro, the firebox is so small that the logs pre-heated at the outer walls are actually so close to the fire that they catch on fire before they are moved into the center of the firebox.

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