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7.11 Gas-fired smokers


[Can you tell me something about gas-fired smokers?]


Some smoker pits operate on gas. You can find gas-fired pits in all configurations: bullet water smoker, off-set firebox, and vertical smoker types. The SWOCS is a good example of a vertical unit that uses gas for fuel. In all gas smokers, wood chips are added for the smoke flavor. The chips are usually placed on a plate that is heated by the gas burner. Some gas-fired smokers have lava rocks that are heated by the gas flame. Some List members have added gas burners to their traditional off-set firebox wood-burning pits for use during long smoking periods, as needed for briskets. The gas burners can be removed and replaced as required. List members who have SWOCS gas-fired smokers, often use a clay flower pot to heat the smoking wood chips or pellets. The chips slowly burn and give off a steady, light, white smoke. Add chips every hour or so as needed. Some gas-fired smokers use a system to deliver wood pellets to a heated plate. The pellets are fed automatically.

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