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5.3 Brick and block pits


[I want to build my own backyard barbecue smoker from bricks or concrete blocks. Where can I get plans to do this?]

Rock McNelly--

Try finding a book by Sunset Publishing called, "Barbecue Building Book." ISBN 0-376-01042-8. In it you'll find ideas and plans for indoor and outdoor barbecues. Everything from simple one-grate on-the-ground grills, to elaborate above-ground grill, oven, and smoker combos. There's even plans for an in-ground pit capable of feeding 600 people. This has been the most informative book that I've found yet.

Of course, if you build it . . . We will come!



There is another book, titled, "Quick and Easy Art of Smoking Food: Updated for the 90's", by Chris Dubbs, Dave Heberle, Jay Marcinowski (Illustrator). ISBN:832904627. It includes pictures of numerous smokers, including stick frames, pit-and-barrel, smokerator, barrels, masonry pits, smokehouses, and sheds.

Check out Garry Howard's Barbecue Web site for pictures and sketches of backyard pits.

Dave Lineback has built a Lexington NC style smoker from bricks in his backyard.


James Whitten--

"The Canning, Freezing, Curing and Smoking of Meat, Fish and Game", by Wilbur Eastman, published by Gardenway Book, ISBN 0-88266-045-4, paper ISBN 0-88266-071-0, cloth.

This book has been around for awhile and is fairly basic. It has a section on building a smokehouse.

"Home Smoking And Curing How You Can Smoke-Cure, Salt And Preserve Fish, Meat And Game", by Keith Erlandson, ISBN 0091778255

The author spends a good deal of time discussing how to build a smoker for the do-it-yourselfer. From using trash cans to building small sheds, he gives you the ins and outs of them. He doesn't give you measurements, but he does include drawings for what he's talking about. The rest of the book deals with brining and smoking fish and game.

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