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5.2 Homemade smokers


[I'm good with metal working and I want to make my own smoker. Can somebody tell me where I can find some designs or plans?]

Unfortunately, it is beyond the scope of this FAQ to include plans for building metal smokers. We know of no companies selling detailed working drawings for off-set firebox metal smokers. Several List members locate a smoker that they liked at a friend's home and took a ruler to it and made up a set of working sketches. So if you're in the mood to make your own smoker, find someone with a Klose or Oklahoma Joe's smoker, get your ruler and go to it.

There are few web sites that give pictures and sketches of metal smokers.

Check out Daryl Dowell's Web site.

He has sketches for making a very nice horizontal off-set firebox smoker.

Also, Garry Howard has some plans on his web site for building a metal smoker.

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