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5.1.7 Char-Broil

H2O Smoker

A basic bullet water smoker that uses charcoal for fuel. Features include heat-resistant handles, two pans, one for water, one for charcoal, double grills, a hood-mounted temperature indicator and hinged door for adding charcoal and water. Street price often below $30.

Editor--the main body of this unit DOES NOT lift off the charcoal pan section.

Electric Water Smoker

This unit has a 1650 watt electric water smoker. It has an infinite control heating element, multiple cooking surfaces, 6 quart water pan, hood-mounted heat indicator and smoker cookbook. It converts to electric table top grill, UL approved. Holds up to 50 pounds of food at a time. The smoker section lifts off the base section allowing for full access to heating element for adding wood chips/chunks and cleaning.

Model 4512 Electric Water Smoker, Sug. List Price $88.50 Street Price $40-70

[Review--List members report a high degree of satisfaction with the Char-Broil electric smokers. The Char-Broil electric smoker is the recommend unit for beginners to purchase if they want an inexpensive electric smoker.]

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