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5.1.5 Oklahoma Joe's Smokers

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Their line of backyard off-set firebox models include:

"Grill With Firebox"

Utilizing the off-set firebox design concept, the Grill with Firebox features a long horizontal cooking chamber with plenty of room for your favorite smoked meats! Keep a pot of beans or soup warm on the flat top of the firebox. This model has the same unique baffling and damper system found on our smokers. Designed with grilling and barbecuing in mind, these models are relatively compact and mobile--perfect for the backyard cookout. The grill with firebox is available in 16" and 20" sizes. Get those fires going with our LP log lighter system (also available).

16" Grill #16-GWFB $799.00

20" Grill #20-GWFB $1,069.00



The Tailgator is the smallest in the Oklahoma Joe's line, and is modeled after the Grill with Firebox, but it is much smaller. It is made to travel and is very affordable. The 12" model has 3 square feet of grilling area. Need a little more cooking area? The 14" model has 4 square feet of grilling area. The Tailgator is great to take to lake, or to football games or to just keep at home for the family to enjoy.

12" Tailgator #12-TAIL $329.00

14" Tailgator #14-TAIL $399.00


"The Oklahoma Tradition"

This cooker has become a #1 seller and shows the tradition and quality of Oklahoma Joe's. Available in 14" and 16" sizes. Due to the off-set firebox design, the tradition is the ultimate in versatility for grilling, barbecuing and smoking. Because of its steel construction, the Tradition burns wood and charcoal longer than ordinary thin-walled units. And in the tradition of Oklahoma Joe's, this model comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

14" Tradition #14-OKTKD $439.00

16" Tradition #16-OKTKD $589.00

Their line of backyard vertical smokers include:

"The Chuckwagon"

The Chuckwagon has the ultimate vertical smoking chamber. With four shelves to smoke on, you can smoke almost all of your favorite meats at the same time. Similar to the smokers in design, the Chuckwagon has 4 extra inches in the firebox so it will handle any wood you buy at your local wood yard. The wagon wheels give this smoker a western flair and roll easily over rough surfaces. Editor--This is a combination smoker with horizontal and vertical smoking chambers.

16" Chuckwagon #16-CW $1,149.00

20" Chuckwagon #20-CW $1,499.00



This model is great for taking your time and smoking all day long. Available in 16" and 20" sizes, our smokers feature triple cooking areas (grilling, barbecuing and vertical slow smoking). All Oklahoma Joe's smokers have a flat grill top that is perfect for the bean pot, OKJ's Bar-B-Q sauce or a bread and tortilla warmer. Editor--This model is a smoker with horizontal and vertical smoking chambers.

16" Smoker #16-SMOKE $1049.00

20" Smoker #20-SMOKE $1329.00

Oklahoma Joe's pits feature heavy-walled construction that makes temperature control much easier than the mass-produced units sold by other manufacturers.

[Review--List members report a high degree of satisfaction with the Oklahoma Joe line of smokers.]

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