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5.1.2 Brinkmann Corporation

Model 810-5030-0 This compact, single-grill charcoal smoker has a double-latched lid for carrying to your camp or picnic site. Use as a water smoker or a barbecue grill. Great for camping, tailgate parties and picnics. List Price: $39.95.

Cook'N Cajun Charcoal Double-Grill and Smoker

Model 850-7000-1 Our top-of-the-line double-grill charcoal smoker has a 50 lb. capacity. Smoker body lifts off base for easy access to an extra-large charcoal pan. Features heat indicator in dome lid handle, extra-large porcelain-coated steel water pan and Nylon handles. Converts to a waist-high or portable grill. List Price $89.98. Street Price about $45-50.

[Review--this is the Brinkmann smoker model, or one called the Smoke N'Grill Gourmet, we recommend that beginners purchase if they want a charcoal-fired unit. The body of these smoker models lifts off the charcoal pan section for ease of fire maintenance. They have a larger fire pan, better temperature control, easier starting, and easier cleaning, making the difference in price between this model and the cheaper ECB above well worth the extra few dollars.]

Smoke'N Grill Stainless Steel Charcoal Smoker

Model 810-5305-S This strikingly beautiful stainless steel smoker cooks as good as it looks. Double grills handle up to 50 lbs. of food. Features include stainless steel body and dome lid, heat indicator, wooden handles, porcelain-coated water pan and charcoal pans, and hinged door for adding charcoal and water. Converts to electric model. List Price: $169.95.

Smoke'N Grill Electric Double-Grill Smoker

Model 810-5290-C Double-grill 1500-watt smoker handles up to 50 lbs. of food. Converts in seconds to a barbecue grill. Wooden handles stay cool. Water pan and lava rocks included. List Price 139.95. Street price about $70

Brinkmann also sells a Gourmet Electric Smoker model that is similar to the Smoke'N Grill Electric but is taller. Street price is less than $90.

Editor--The Brinkmann electric smoker models do not have adjustable heat controls for the electric element--a desirable feature found in the Char-Broil units.

Smoke'N Grill Gas Double-Grill Smoker

Model 810-5600-0 Double-grill design provides two cooking surfaces that handle up to 50 lbs. of food. The middle section is removable for easy conversion to a gas grill. Equipped with lava rocks, 18,000 BTU gas burner, LP gas hose and regulator. Features Piezo quartz ignition system for matchless starts. List Price 169.95. Street price about $100.

Smoke'N Pit Professional Horizontal Smoker (SnP Pro)

Model 805-2101-1 This large capacity horizontal charcoal/wood smoker incorporates a separate fire box, a design favored by many smoke cooking enthusiasts. A wood or charcoal fire is built inside the fire box for indirect heating. Features include heavy-gauge sheet metal steel, heavy-duty hinged lid, three adjustable cooking levels, wooden cooking shelf, molded wheels and wood storage rack. List Price: $379.95 Street Price about $170-$199.

[Review--List members report a high degree of satisfaction with the Smoke'N Pit Professional Horizontal Smoker.]

Smoke'N Pit Pitmaster Horizontal Smoker & Grill

Model 805-2101 The Pitmaster is similar to the Professional, but does not feature a separate fire box. For indirect cooking, a charcoal or wood fire is built on the left side of the cooking chamber and food is placed on the right side of the cooking chamber. There is a kit to convert this unit into a professional model. List Price: $229.95. Street Price about $100.

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