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5.1.1 New Braunfels smokers

Universal Water smoker

UNIVERSAL WATER SMOKER #1400. Sug. list $149.95 354 sq. in. cooking area. Expandable up to 1,770 sq. in. Americas largest water smoker--uses up to ten grills. Smoke pounds of fish fillets or boneless chicken fillets. Has Universal Rack System for hanging rods and multi-level cooking grills. Heavy gauge steel construction with 2 porcelain cooking grills, 1 heavy duty meat hanging rod, enamel water pan, charcoal/wood pan, cool touch stainless steel handles, adjustable air vent and large full-height access door (Temperature gauge not included).

BLACK DIAMOND Smoke/Grill #4800 732 sq. in. Cooking area expandable up to 1,708 sq. in. with optional grills. Three porcelain cooking grills are standard. This unit has a Malaysian mahogany front shelf, hardwood handles plus the added feature of a welded on hot plate, great for warming side dishes. This unit has an off-set firebox. The Black Diamond is the same unit as the Hondo with a wood vs. a steel shelf. Sug. list $299.95

BLACK DIAMOND Stainless Steel #4848 Sug. list $449.95 732 sq. in. Cooking area expandable up to 1,708 sq. in. with optional grills. The Black Diamond has Malaysian mahogany front shelf assembly across main chamber, with stainless steel chamber doors, side air baffle and smokestack damper. This unit has an off-set firebox.

[Review--List members report a high degree of satisfaction with the Black Diamond smoker.]


LUKENBACH Grill #1800. This is primarily a drum-type grill with 488 sq. in. of cooking area. This unit has an easy-access fire door on one end. It has a wood front shelf. It is possible to smoke meat in this unit by building a low fire on one side of the unit. Sug. List $199.


GUADALUPE Grill/Smoker #5630 Sug. list $399.95 Exclusive Multi Draft System 488 sq. in. Cooking area-two porcelain cooking grills. Utilizes dual smokestacks with dampers in both ends and a central divider which offers multi grilling and smoking options. Grill at two heights at same time or totally isolate foods from the fire using the central divider. Features Cool Touch stainless steel door handles, Malaysian mahogany front shelf, louvered air control on side access doors and now with four swivel caster wheels. Dual 4-way adjustable grill heights. Includes two easy clean-up slide out liner/ash trays for extended life. This unit does not have an off-set firebox.

Grill Sergeant

GRILL SERGEANT #7500 16 lbs. Sug. list $39.95 180 sq. in. cooking area. This take along charcoal grill has adjustable smokestack which also locks lid for clean portability. Quick, easy assembly--no tools required. Ideal for picnics, camping, RVs and more.

The Boss Grill

THE BOSS Barbeque Center #8400 Sug. list $149.95 513 sq. in. cooking area. Heavy gauge steel barrel type styling. Adjustable 3-position height fire/grate pan with handles for lift-out cleaning. Hardwood front shelf and large bottom storage rack. Has 4-even flow air damper controls and in-door temperature gauge. Includes: 2 cooking grills and 2 fire grates.


BANDERA Smoker/Grill #5600 Sug. list $499.95 1,220 sq. in. Cooking area with four porcelain cooking grills. The Bandera expands up to 4,185 sq. in. using 14 cooking grills in its cooking chamber. Includes: 2 hanging rods, 1 rib rack, porcelain enamel water pan, a Malaysian mahogany front shelf, easy moving casters and wheels, 'Cool Touch' stainless steel handles and easy clean-up, slid-out liner/ash pan for extended life. Temperature gauge is optional. This unit has an off-set firebox with a rectangular vertical smoke chamber.

[Review--List members report a high degree of satisfaction with the Bandera smoker.]


The Pecos is a small portable grill smoker with 244 sq. in. of cooking surface. This unit is ideal for apartment dwellers and for taking on trips. List price is $99.95.

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