BBQ FAQ Section 2.5


2.5  Digest vs. individual messages

The List is set up so subscribers have a choice of how they receive the BBQ List. If someone wants to participate regularly in the discussions, they can subscribe to the regular BBQ List and get individual email messages. If they would rather mainly lurk, and only follow-up occasionally, then the digest will keep their inbox clutter to a minimum. The BBQ List can be a busy place at times, with upwards of a 100 messages or more a day (or 4-5 digests a day). So if you subscribe to the regular List, be prepared for a whole lot of email. As some folks say: "Happiness is a full email inbox." You may change from regular to digest forms of the List easily, (or digest to regular)--see Sections 2.1 and 2.2 above for directions.

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