BBQ FAQ Section 2.3


2.3   Posting guidelines


As with any newsgroup or mailing list, there are certain courtesies to which all subscribers should adhere.

1   We are all friends here. There should be no posts that are insulting or degrading to any members of the List.

2   Flame wars. When someone does post an insulting or degrading message, it's best just to ignore it. What often happens is that the post is responded to and a flame war on the List ensues. This is a total waste of bandwidth and does nothing but make people mad and hurt feelings. Flame wars have no place on the BBQ List.

3   There are women and kids on this List, so all posts should be respectful of that audience.

4    Avoid sending posts to the List that are devoid of any real information content to the List members, such as 'one-liners' and 'me-too' posts. These just waste bandwidth.

5    Use private email to a List member for messages that are not of concern or interest to all List members.

6   When you reply to a post by another List member, cut the original post to the minimum number of lines necessary to make a meaningful reference. Please save the bandwidth--the Internet is getting to be a very crowded place.

7    When posting to the BBQ List, never include attachments, such as documents, drawings, sound files, video clips or pictures. Many email programs cannot process attachments and sending them can cause all kinds of problems, as well as wasting a lot of bandwidth. If you have an attachment you wish to share with the List, please put it on a Web page and post its URL.

8    When posting a message to the List and you have a barbecue-related question, make sure that the subject line of the message reflects your question. For example, 'Subject: How do I smoke fish?' will get you answers.

9    Advertising on this List is discouraged. If you do it, expect to get flamed big time. If you can condense your ad to a couple of lines, put it in your signature. Then no one will complain too loudly. If someone asks questions about your product or service, just answer them by private email.

10    Remember, we're here to have some fun and to share information on barbecuing.

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