Brining How To - Part 3




Well .... We did our first brine this weekend. The results were rather incredible. Very juicy and tender meat.

There was, however, too much salt for the breasts, and almost right for the full-sized hen. We did use Kosher salt, and we did let the solution cool completely before we added the poultry. We also did wash the poultry twice before we let it dry - smoked 9 hours later.

===> a) Would using sea salt, which supposedly has less sodium, be as good as using regular or Kosher salt ?

KIT: No. Use kosher (doesn't have to be capitalized) or pickling salt. Save sea salt for baking bread. To reduce the sodium, use less salt.

Someone Else: No, it would just be a lot more expensive. Don't use regular salt either. Stick with Kosher salt.

===> b) Can the percentage of salt used in the solution (1 cup per gallon) be reduced without affecting the brining process substantially ?

KIT: Oooo !..... 3/4 cup per gallon is the upper end !!!
Add 1/2 cup brown sugar. It will reduce the salt flavor.

S.E. : Yes. The starter for my brine has 3/4 cup of Kosher salt and 2/3 cup of white sugar. The sugar seems to reduce the salty taste.

===> c) Can Dr. Pepper be substituted for 1/2 of the water ? Example: 1/2 gal water, 1/2 gal Dr. Pepper, 3/4 cup sea salt, other spices as desired. (And the "Dr. Pepper" could also include orange juice, beer, apple juice, etc.).

KIT: Keep away from acids in the brine. It will cause the meat's exterior to get mushy. Dr Pepper is loaded with phosphoric acid.

S.E.: Well, I don't know about Dr. Pepper. Belly swears by it. You want to increase the sugar level in your brine, and Dr. Pepper might just work. Stay away from any acidic liquid such as orange juice or vinegar when brining tender cuts of meat.

===> d) Any further comments.

KIT: Yeah...What's wrong with Glavine?



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Friday, May 05, 2000
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